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Regularly taking care of your yard is one way to ensure that your property remains attractive and pleasing. But keeping up with the maintenance needs of the various features on your landscape is not easy, which is why it would be better to consider working with a mulching expert like Randolph & Son Lawn Service. With our experience and expertise, a healthy and vigorous landscape is just one call away for property owners in the Crawfordville, FL area! Learn more about the things we can do for you by reading below!

The Landscaping Solutions That We Offer

Lawn Care
We can take care of the lawn on your property efficiently. Our procedure includes pre-assessment, timely watering, regular mowing, and fertilizing. Whatever care your lawn needs, we'll be able to provide for them. We will adjust our methods depending on the current condition of your lawn. After the lawn care process, your lawn will be healthier and more vigorous.
Want to make your trees, lawn, and other plants a lot healthier? Maybe you simply want to decorate your yard with some eye-catching mulch. Whichever you prefer, you can leave the mulching job to us. We can use both organic and inorganic mulch depending on your needs and preferences. No worries as we'll carefully apply the right amount to ensure that the plant roots won't get suffocated.

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming
Do the trees and bushes in your yard need a good trim? Just leave the job to us! We have the right tools to trim your trees and bushes such as shears, pruners, saws, and more. We'll use them depending on factors such as the thickness of the branch as well as the height of the bush or tree. We'll be using tried and tested trimming techniques to ensure that their health won't be compromised.
As a professional landscaping contractor, we specialize in caring for and maintaining your entire landscape. We have both the skills and the equipment to look after your outdoor space and make it aesthetically pleasing and tidy. No matter what features you have on your landscape, you can rest assured that we'll be able to handle and maintain them.

Fall Cleanup

Fall Cleanup
Do you have too much clutter and debris in your yard during fall? Are you too tired to clean up everything on your own? Perhaps you don't have the materials to do the job yourself. If that is the case, you can rely on us. We have the right cleaning supplies to do cleanup tasks such as leaf blowing and the like to ensure that your yard stays tidy at all times.

Why Hire a Professional Landscaper

Although it might seem expensive at first when you think about hiring a professional for small yard landscaping, it’s actually going to be beneficial for you in the long run. For one, when you seek help from a landscaper, you don’t need to learn all the methods or processes you need to know to take care of your landscape, which saves you a lot of time. Second, you don’t have to buy tools and other supplies too, since your landscaper will bring their own. And third, if you’re a busy person, you wouldn’t be able to keep up with the maintenance tasks. Hiring a landscaper will guarantee that your landscape is regularly taken care of and you won’t have to spend your already limited free time doing it yourself.

How We Provide Our Services

We always make sure to improve our processes all the time. We make use of modern techniques coupled with cutting-edge tools to deliver high-quality front garden landscaping solutions to the highest standards. When it comes to the actual process, we start with an initial inspection to see how your landscape is doing and for us to know what techniques we need to use as it will depend on your landscape’s condition. We’ll then propose effective and efficient solutions to address any issue that we find. Try our backyard landscape services today and see for yourself!

More Areas That We Serve

Do you want to book our front yard landscaping services but you’re not from the Crawfordville, FL area? Don’t worry, we have listened to our clients’ needs and since our services are highly sought-after even in the surrounding areas, we made sure to cater to the neighboring cities as well! Check our list of expansion areas below to see if your area is covered!

  • Woodville, FL
  • Midway, FL
  • Sopchoppy, FL
  • St. Marks, FL

Randolph & Son Lawn Service should be your first port of call when it comes to top-class modern front yard landscaping services in the area. If you need our help in caring for your lawn, trees, or the entire landscape, don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

Client’s Testimonial

by Ian McKinney on Randolph & Son Lawn Service
Happy With the Results

I'm always traveling for work so I don't really have time to maintain my landscape. This company is well-known in my area so I tried giving their front garden landscaping service a shot. I wasn't disappointed. They really live up to their reputation!

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